Juxta Technology & Solutions
for the Transportation Sector.

by Trolex | Aporta

Juxta On-Board Digital ...

Juxta is a suite of innovative on-board digital technology solutions that enables transportation companies to transform the passenger experience, generate new revenue streams, collect valuable customer information, and reduce data backhaul costs.

Juxta is hosted on-board and delivered directly to the users’ own device. It includes the world’s most advanced infotainment service, the world’s first luggage alert system, at-seat ordering, seat-reservation systems and more.

We offer bespoke development of digital services to premium transportation brands. We also offer a range of Juxta packages including rental and purchase options and a low-cost portable off-the-shelf package for small and medium operators who want a world-class infotainment service up-and-running in a matter of days.

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Customers & Partners

Our customers and partners are some of the leading global brands in the transportation, media and connectivity sectors, working with us to develop a personalised,
flexible and profitable digital experience on-board vehicles.

We have key relationships with Wi-Fi hardware suppliers, advertising and sponsorship agencies, digital monetisation businesses and a diverse range of quality content suppliers.

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Advertising and Revenue Generation...

Offset your costs and explore innovative new revenue streams through paid access, advertising, sponsorship and up-selling models. Trolex|Aporta will work with you to develop a bespoke revenue generation model with your Juxta system. Data charges are reduced, your customers are entertained and informed and your revenues
are increased.

Juxta Infotainment offers a range of advertisement placements, including audio, banners and video across the service, as well as video pre-rolls and sponsored pages.

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