Are you ready for Juxta?

Are you ready for Juxta? ...

Trolex | Aporta to launch its Juxta infotainment system to rail and bus services worldwide. The official launch of Juxta will take place at the Innotrans exhibition which starts on 20th September. 
One of the principal advantages of Juxta, is that passengers can enjoy dozens of entertainment channels, news, films, games, live travel updates and more. Passengers access the portal via their smartphone, laptops or tablet in offline mode, which lowers your internet data costs and freeing up bandwidth for those passengers who do want to go online. By not relying on public Wi-Fi, your passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted streaming. No more flaky Wi-Fi!

Not only is passenger experience improved, content streaming, downloads, premium Wi-Fi packages & integrated advertising introduce new revenue opportunities to you. The revenue generation model is fully bespoke to the customer, opening up numerous potential channels of revenue. 

The compact solution, which is supplied in a rugged mini-suitcase with a lockable lid that is only 6kg -which means installation time is significantly reduced. The infotainment system is built to be deployed quickly and easily, you simply plug in the device and after a short boot time, the system is up and running. The system can be hand carried on to the bus or train or fixed and mounted to the vehicle.

The Juxta system is capable of much more. We already offer a patented luggage alert application that informs passengers if their luggage is removed from the rack. Delivered through the Juxta box, this is unique to the market. Ticket purchasing and seat reservations are also in the pipeline, so watch this space. 

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