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JuxtaNow and JuxtaFlex ...

JuxtaNow and JuxtaFlex are off-the-shelf infotainment packages delivered in a portable carrycase, giving you a world-class passenger experience at potentially zero cost. They are flexible, low-maintenance and bring some of the world’s greatest entertainment to your passengers’ own devices.

The JuxtaNow and JuxtaFlex infotainment packages include:

  • Lightweight but powerful technology in a smart, portable, plug-and-play carrycase that provides public WiFi and delivers the offline infotainment service – for operators who do not already have an installed WiFi base.
  • An attractive and easy-to-use, operator-branded user interface for accessing the infotainment portal.
  • A package of the latest Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports programmes, news, destination information, games, children’s programming and magazine content, plus localised content to suit your passenger demographic.
  • A choice of commercial models: including paid access, advertising-supported and free-to-view.
  • JuxtaFlex is a leasing package, giving you ultimate flexibility in financing your infotainment system. JuxtaNow is an outright purchase deal.


For operators with an already installed WiFi hardware base we offer JuxtaLite  – a software and content package giving you all the advantages of our world-class infotainment system without additional investment in hardware.

Content Packages

We also offer a variety of content packages including:


For routes under 2 hours, a set package of news, sports, gossip and catch up TV all in English. Perfect for daily or weekly commuters. Includes advertising


For routes 2+ hours, longer return trips and regular weekly or monthly travellers, includes all the commuter package, destination content plus a fixed package of blockbuster movies all in English. Includes advertising if required.


For ultra-long distance routes or multi-day holiday trips; Even more movies, more destination content plus keep up to date with daily news sports and gossip, all in English. Includes advertising if required.


Let us help you tailor a package of content to suit your passenger demographic and travel profile, with unlimited content, or multiple language content. Price according to specification and minimum monthly fees apply.

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