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Your passengers want more from their travel experience. On the go, wherever they go, they want to watch a blockbuster movie or catch-up TV, to access e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and to be updated about the news and their journey.

Benefits of Juxta: 


We work with the world’s leading content producers (Marvel, Disney etc.) as well as a range of major and niche content distributors (think YouTube stars, online magazines, audio books and podcasts) to create the most exciting and engaging infotainment selection for the transportation sector.

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Luggage Alert ...

Welcome to the world of secure travel. Juxta Luggage Alert System is designed to give your passengers peace of mind and comfort in knowing their valuable luggage and belongings are where they are meant to be.

A simple, convenient methodology, Luggage Alert tag sales and on-going subscription payments generate revenue for the operator, and can massively reduce the incidences of luggage theft, loss and compensation claims. Juxta Luggage Alert System is a unique offering in the transportation sector.


Seat Reservation ...

Passengers’ experience can be enhanced by allowing them to choose the exact seat they prefer. Juxta Seat Reservation and patented Juxta Seat Finder system does just that. A stand-alone system or fully integrated with your back office, it can be tailored to your exact requirements.


In-Seat Ordering ...

Provide your passengers with the latest in-seat food and drinks menu and ordering system, direct to your galley team and increase your revenue. Orders go direct to galley staff who prepare the meal and drinks to bring to the passenger. Online payment with credit and debit cards removes the need for cash handling.

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Trolex | Aporta Infotainment and Luggage Alert System...